The Arena: Where the Magic Happens

photo by bartb_pt

'Arena' conjures majesty, awe, excitement: the stage is set, people in the stands waiting for the action to begin.

But the arena is any moment when you risk showing up and being seen - when you may need to summon the 'cor' in courage. Leading a team at work is the arena. Getting on the dance floor and busting a crazy move is the arena. Asking for help is walking into the arena. A tricky parenting moment puts you in the arena. Voicing an unpopular opinion always gets you in the arena. When we don't meet the expectations we've set for ourselves, we're face down, disappointed in the arena. Calling out unfairness, standing up for what you truly believe, standing by someone who is not being heard thrusts you squarely into the arena and throws the spotlight.

The arena is where all kinds of courage are summoned, denied, grown, and attempted. It's not for those mocking and eyeball-rolling in cool detachment from the stands. This is where a full contact sport happens for those who put skin in the game.

The Five Keys to Courage are our tools in the arena. Maybe you've decided to take on a courageous task that could fall under any or many of the six kinds of courage here - a courageous conversation, an athletic feat, a creative endeavour. Use and build on the keys as a guide to supporting you on your mission.