The Keys to Courage

photo by bartb_pt

We're not just going to talk about courage, we're going to teach people how to grow it within themselves and practice it in the real world. Though courage looks different around the world, there are five common keys to developing it:

  • Purpose: A bigger story that gives reason to believe their actions will matter. Why does tackling this matter to you? Why now? What inspired you? How will taking it on change your world?
  • Role Models: Courageous people and their personal stories of hope, challenge and triumph. Who has undertaken what you hope to do and succeeded? How did they do it? If you could pick their brain over dinner or Twitter, what would you want to know?
  • Community: A community to connect to online and through events so people can form positive relationships. Who would you recruit as trusted advisors to your mission? Who are your people and where do they gather? How soon can you join them?
  • Skills: Practical tools to help build the courage muscle. What new gifts would you need to cultivate or master to help you on this quest? What would make you stand taller and stronger? When does your training begin?
  • Triggers: Specific opportunities paired with a clear call to courageous action. Is there a moment, an event, a deadline to meet, a metaphorical line in the sand that would push you over the threshold and into the arena? How could you start now? What does the finish line look like?