Who is this for?

This site is for Greenpeace staff and volunteers who want to include wholehearted activism and story as a theory of change in campaigns and initiatives. You and your peers will use this site's materials in workshops and meetings to learn how to live the new story of Greenpeace and implement the 7 Shifts in your daily work.

Why story? Why now?

We’re all natural storytellers and good communications is storytelling. Stories are how we make sense of the world. They shape peoples’ behaviour and their belief in what’s possible. Storytelling is also a path to change. The story Greenpeace tells, and has always told, is that a better world is possible, and brave individual and collective actions can make it a reality. Every Greenpeace campaign and every Greenpeace action can be boiled down to this, the moral of our organisational story:

A billion acts of courage can spark a better tomorrow.

Symptoms Root Causes
Reinforcing Old Stories Building New Ones
Secretive Open Source
Fearing Failure Fearless Innovation
Lone Hero Hero Among Heroes
Supporters Change Agents
Dogmatic Defender Champions of the Impossible

As our organisational story evolves, we too must evolve.

No matter how compelling a story we tell externally, it will be hollow and ultimately unconvincing unless we live it. For us to succeed in creating a collective story that promotes hope, courage and a recognition of our intrinsic interconnectivity, we must embody it. We must walk the talk.

The Seven Shifts are directions rather than destinations. Different offices and different projects will be at different stages of living these. They are intended to be aids to decision making and evaluation. Does this new project or piece of work further one or more of these transitions? If not, how can we make it do so? We are on a journey together to be the organisation that the world needs, and to drive the world towards the more beautiful future that we know to be possible. These Seven Shifts aim to give us a common map to steer by. A common set of stars to guide our way.

Let's go deep

Exploring this site and the resources it points to will provide you with everything you need to live the new story of Greenpeace.

the Greenpeace Story

All around us there are glimmers of hope, pockets of resistance, disruptive innovation and a growing appetite for something more. Here we will go deep reimagining Greenpeace as an epic global story.

the Seven Shifts

In this module we will go deep into each of the Seven Shifts, exploring their purpose. We will provide you with activities and assets you can use to understand and spread these new ways of being.

photo by Micha Patault

Running a workshop?

Creating magic and spreading joy are part of what it means to live the new story of Greenpeace. Here, you'll find all resources you need to create the conditions for an awesome workshop.

Want to chat?

We hold biweekly community calls, which you are welcome to join.