Introducing the Greenpeace Story and the 7 Shifts

This 2 day agenda has been designed as an introduction to the Greenpeace Story and the Seven Shifts. It will give your team the opportunity to get under the skin of what the Story is all about and how it apply that and the Shifts to the work they do on a day to day basis.

Made by Lucy, Amrekha Laura and friends at Greenpeace.


This agenda is designed to inspire and empower Greenpeace staff and community as they begin living the new story of Greenpeace. As well as introducing them to the 7 Shifts and telling them more about what the new story of Greenpeace means in our work, we aim to build trust and confidence in live events and demystify participatory facilitation techniques.

We hope by the end of the workshop all participants will be equipped and excited about designing their work plans, events and campaigns using the 7 Shifts and the new story of Greenpeace.

Over the course of the training, participants will learn how to see themselves as part of the Greenpeace global community. They will learn to build plans and activities for specific audiences. The Story team supports facilitators in creating their own story based agendas and in documenting their work.

How to use this agenda

This page lists the learning objectives and overview of each day. Use the links below to find descriptions for individual exercises. If you get stuck, reach out to Laura Hilliger, the Greenpeace Story Team or come to a community call!

Day 1: The Greenpeace Story

  1. Hello, welcome and rules of the road. (30 minutes)
  2. Story of My Name (40 minutes)
  3. Reimagining Greenpeace as an Epic Global Story Presentation (30 mins)
  4. Break (20 mins)
  5. Discussion: 1, 2, 4, ALL (30 mins)
  6. Greenpeace Story 101 Presentation (30 mins)
  7.  1 hour Lunch
  8. Story Circles (60 mins)
  9. Telling the Tale (60 mins)
  10. Break (20 mins)
  11. Reasons to Believe Gameshow (60 mins)
  12. Story in a Tweet (10 mins)
  13. Closing circle (10 mins)

Day 2: the 7 Shifts

  1. Opening Circle: Overnight reflections and general check in (30 mins)
  2. 7 Shifts Presentation (45 mins)
  3. Discussion and Q & A (30 mins)
  4. Break (20 mins)
  5. Picture Sort (60 mins)
  6.  1 hour Lunch
  7. Stop, Start, Steroids (60 mins)
  8. Break (20 mins)
  9. Applying the Narrative. (60 mins) Break the group into smaller teams and brief each to work on one of the following:
  10. Presenting back (45 mins)
  11.  30 mins My Act of Courage

Assessment and review

Practical tips for assessing learning:
  • Use the discussions in each exercise: Discussion and reflection are important components of learning. Ask questions like:
    • How can your work connect to the 7 Shifts and living the new story?
    • Why is it important to connect to global communities?
    • How does communication online differ from communication offline?
    • What excited you the most about this training? The least?
    • How will we take what we've learned forward?
    • What does it mean to live the story?
    • Where can we go for help?
  • Peer Assessment: Have people look at one another's work and give each other constructive feedback. Hold each other accountable for participation, and encourage open discussion with one another.
  • Share: Have you posted your work somewhere? Did you tweet with the #courageis hashtag? Have you attended a Story Community Call?