Steps for the Activity

Before your workshop begins, order postcards from an online printer. The Greenpeace Story Team has created fronts of the 7 Shifts and a back in standard DL Postcard size - most/all printers know and use this size. See the Internet Printer for more information on this size.

  1. Facilitator hands out a postcard to everyone in the group and asks them to write their name and postal address AND a personal act of courage that they will commit to doing over the next days, weeks or months.
  2. Explain that it may be big or it may be small but that it will be something that requires you to put your vulnerable, authentic self out there. It should be something that scares you. It's likely to look very different from person to person because what’s courageous for me might be a walk in the park for you.
  3. Once people have written their postcards ask the group if anyone would like to read theirs out but don’t insist.
  4. Collect the cards in and post them back to people 4-6 weeks after the workshop


  • Markers
  • Postcards
  • Stamps


Encourage people to think about the things that scare them or hold them back. What would it mean to feel the fear and act any way? Explain to the group that there are different types of courage - moral, physical, intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual - and that an act of courage might look very different from the heroics we used to seeing in Hollywood.


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