Steps for the Activity

  1. Review the Creating Abundance slide deck to understand how shifting your perspective can help you have creative ideas about partners and aligning agendas.
  2. 5 mins - Thinking about Greenpeace as a global organisation and the vision we want to bring to life, what resources will we need in order to get us there?
  3. 20 mins - Brainstorming the resources that are available to us form the following groups, writing each one on a post it note
    • Internal and invested stakeholders – our staff, our direct dialoguers, our estate
    • External partners – other NGOs, our most committed supporters etc.
    • Abundance owners – who has a plentiful supply of the things we need most of?
    • Competitors or targets – which of our targets have resources we need?
  4. 15 mins - Using the Adjacent Abundance diagrams (see image) plot where each of these stakeholders sit on the different axis. Are they in quadrant A, B, C or D? Agree as a group which partnerships would make the biggest difference to our efforts
  5. 20 mins – In order to access these sources of abundance we will need to have things to trade. Using the below framework, in the left column write a list of all the resources we have at our disposal. Once you have done that, reframe each resource to make it more appealing to the stakeholder we most want to trade with
  6. 25 mins – Come up with a pitch idea for partnering with an unlikely partner – how would you convince them to give us access to their resources by creating a shared agenda? You might want to use the following questions as thought starters:
    • What is it that they need?
    • How can we frame what we have to appeal to them?
    • How could we use public opinion to our advantage?
    • Is there a monster that we both face that we could unite behind?



It is particularly important to reflect on how reframing and changing context can open the mind towards creative problem solving. Discuss how even the most unlikely partner might create big impacts for Greenpeace and its allies.