Steps for the Activity

  1. (10 mins) Brainstorm the issues, stories or conversations that are happening in popular culture at the moment
  2. (5 mins) Choose one to focus on that you think will help amplify our campaign story
  3. (15 mins) Comes up with an idea for how you would bring this to life in a dramatic and creative way
  4. (5 mins) Write up your idea on a piece of flip chart paper answering these questions:
    • We have chosen to gather momentum from...
    • This will help amplify our story because...
    • We will bring this to life by...(points award for silly drawings, role plays, dance routines)


  • Markers
  • Post-its
  • Flip Chart


This exercise is about using the themes and conversations that are already taking place in the media and popular culture to give scale to our own story. When briefing the group, the facilitator needs to get people to think beyond environmental issues and look at popular culture. Encourage the group to get creative in their brainstorming and come back with ideas that feel uncomfortable (but fun).


Thanks to Ben Mizen for the image used in the header icon