Steps for the Activity

Divide people into smaller teams of 4-6 people.
  1. (15 mins) Brainstorm all the possible resources Greenpeace has e.g. its people, its ships, its offices etc. Make a long list and think as widely as you can.
  2. (30 mins) Each one of these is an opportunity to project our story of a billion acts of courage. Choose 2-3 of these resources and come up with an idea for how each could be used creatively to tell our story
  3. (5 mins)Write your ideas up on a flip chart and be prepared to present back to the rest of the group
  4. (20 mins) Groups present back their ideas


  • Flip charts
  • Markers
  • Post its


Explain to the group that strong projecting our story to the world doesn’t need to be about spending big. Encourage to think about everything Greenpeace has at its disposal from the smallest things (the stationary in the stationary cupboard) to the biggest (great big hulking ships). All of these things can be used as a way of communicating our message. When the groups present back their ideas, probe for common themes that emerge, what assets are we currently under using, how can we make more of the things we have control of as an organisation?


Thanks to Nick Kenrick for the image used in the header icon