Steps for the Activity

For this activity you will need a library of pictures. If you don’t want to print these all out yourself you can ask the group to bring 10 pictures each – images that inspire them, repulse them, amuse them.
  1. (30 mins) Present the 7 Shifts to the group if they are no already familiar with them.
  2. (5 mins) Facilitator lays all the pictures out on the floor and divides the group into 7 (one per shift). If you don’t have enough people for this then you can focus on a couple of the shifts to start with and then do another round.
  3. (5 mins) Instruct the group that they need to choose 2-3 pictures that represent where you are as a team at the moment in relation to your shift and 2-3 pictures that represent where you would like to be.
  4. (20 mins) Give the group time to choose their pictures
  5. (30 mins) each team presents their images back to the other teams and there is an opportunity to discuss why people chose what they did.


  • A library of pictures
  • Flip charts
  • Blue/sticky tack


Give the groups enough time to discuss in pairs or threes the pictures they have chosen and what the shift means to them. When it comes to the plenary discussion, ask people which Shifts feel like more of a stretch than others. Were there any surprises in how people have interpreted different shifts? The idea behind the activity is to get people working closely with one or two of the shifts and make sure they understand the idea behind them so making space to answer questions of clarification is important.


Thanks to the Boston Public Library for the image used in the header icon