Steps for the Activity

  1. Having taken the group through the Billion Acts of Courage presentation and/or the Greenpeace Story 101 Presentationand before you dive into detailed discussion of the content, create a physical scale of one to 10 in the room. You can use post it notes to mark out the scale or you can tell the group that one end of the room represents 1 and the opposite end 10.
  2. You want to have thought about some questions you would like feedback on before you run your session. We have found that the following work quite well but take these as a guide and feel free to tweak, remix or throw them out completely. The important thing is to phrase the questions as statements that people can agree with or disagree with.

    • I found the story really easy to understand.
    • As an organisation we are living this story 100%.
    • The story is completely reflected in all our campaigns.
  3. Ask one question at a time and get the group to physically place themselves on a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is “I completely disagree” and 10 is “I completely agree”.

  4. Once people have arranged themselves, ask people in different places why they chose their position. Make sure you get a range of views from people across the spectrum. Highlight any areas of agreement or disagreement. Go through each statement.

  5. As a follow up question, ask the group what it would take to really live the story. What changes would we need to make? This sets up the 7 Shifts nicely and gets people thinking about action and what needs to happen next.


  • Pen
  • Post-its


Allow initial thoughts and reactions to emerge. Make sure you get comments from people standing across the spectrum so you’re getting a range of views. Use the follow up question to move the discussion from theory and where we currently are to practice and action.