Practical Tips

Creating magic and spreading joy (aka creating the conditions for an awesome workshop) is easier said than done. These tips can help you prepare and run your workshop.

Planning your workshop

Setting up the space

Dealing with surprises

Workshop Agendas

Introducing the Story and the 7 Shifts

This 2 day agenda will give your team the opportunity to get under the skin of what the Story is all about and how it apply that and the Shifts to the work they do on a day to day basis.

image by Greenpeace

Story Workshop: Greenpeace Canada

Great workshops are tailored to specific audiences. You can use this agenda as an example for how to use story to solve problems.

Story Workshop: Greenpeace Mexico

The primary aim of this workshop was to introduce team Mexico to the new Greenpeace Story and the Seven Shifts, to consider what changes it suggests for a new Greenpeace Mexico, how it might be applie, and how it might shape new work like the Megacities campaign.

Practical Guides

MobLab: 6 Elements of Open Campaigns

Consider the 6 factors when building or analysing your campaign. Don’t worry if you find that your campaign is on many varying points along the spectrums; this is designed to facilitate discussion, not serve as a list of must-haves.

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